The choice of the right building material is one of the key factors for sustainable buildings. Autoclaved aerated concrete is a building material which offers considerable advantages over other construction materials. Autoclaved aerated concrete`s high resource efficiency gives it low environmental impact in all phases of its life cycle, from the processing of raw materials to the disposal of AAC waste.

White Brick Build Tech is made from an industrial byproduct viz. fly ash with some quantity of cement, naturally available materials that are found in abundance – lime, other siliceous materials, water and a small amount of aluminium powder (manufactured from a by-product of aluminium). Furthermore the production of AAC demands relatively small amounts of raw materials per m3 of product, and up to a fifth as much as other construction products. Its high resource efficiency results into a low environmental impact in all phases of its life cycle.

No raw materials are wasted in the production process and all production off-cuts are fed back into the production circuit. The manufacture of AAC requires less energy than that required for all other masonry products, thereby reducing use of fossil fuels and associated emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Industrial-quality water is used and neither water nor steam are released into the environment. No toxic gases are created in the production process.

AAC`s excellent thermal efficiency makes a major contribution to environmental protection by sharply reducing the need for space heating and cooling in buildings. In addition, AAC`s easy workability allows accurate cutting that minimises the generation of solid waste during use. Unlike other building materials AAC does not need to be used in combination with insulation products (which would increase the environmental impact and cost of construction).

Throughout the life cycle of AAC, potential waste is reused or recycled wherever possible to minimize final disposal in landfill. Where AAC waste is sent to landfill, its environmental impact is minor since it contains no toxic substances.




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