Safety in Earthquake :

In Earth quake prone areas, Light weight building provides more safety than heavy building. Since AAC Blocks reduces 60 percent of dead weight of building, provide more safety in earthquakes.

Gives High Thermal Insulation :

Because of Superior thermal insulation property of rating R30, AAC do not allow effect of outer heat/cold on interior of building. This saves A/C cost by more than 30%.

Gives High Sound Insulation :

AAC blocks falls in STC-44 (sound transmission class) which make it cheaper & good sound barrier material for residential and social buildings.

Allows No Water seepage :

Due to lowest “Water absorptive material”/ “Volume of block” ratio (only 20% in block compare to 65 % in brick) and absence of capillaries (So No capillary action), AAC blocks do not allow water seepage of from exterior to interior of wall.

No efflorescence :

Due to seepage resistance as well absence of any salty material in production of blocks there is no chance of Efflorescence in AAC block wall.

Pest resistance :

AAC blocks are Pest resistance since Environment required to grow mold, insect, pest is not available in it.

Fire resistance :

AAC blocks falling into fire rating of 4 hrs makes it fire resistance wall material for building.

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